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Over the past 30 years I have employed numerous pool maintenance companies. Some were larger, more corporate styled businesses advertising the ability to tend to any problem that arose and others were more mom and pop styled. It was tough to find consistency in the work. I was never quite satisfied. Since I have employed Liquid Life my pool is clean; I am well advised about any upcoming trouble spots, problems are investigated and resolved promptly and with confidence. All of this is accomplished for a fair price and with a smile. Finally, I am satisfied with the care of my pool. I am extremely glad to recommend David Anderson/Liquid Life for consistent, qualified and pleasant care of your pool.

- Justine S.
After struggling with poor quality from our old pool service company for some time, we were fortunate enough to notice Liquid Life in the neighborhood, one day about 6 months ago. We decided to give David and Stacey a try and what a game changer. The quality of our pool has never been better. They are honest, dependable and quite simply the best pool service provider I've ever worked with. I highly recommend Liquid Life for owners in Gulf Breeze!

- Tom O.
As we were working to get our pool company and summer ready, I reached out to Liquid Life just to ask them to come clean our pool as a one time service. David and Stacey showed up within 2 hours of my reaching out to them. Gave me a quote and helped me realize that having someone come and maintain my pool for me was literally in the best interest of our entire family. They couldn't have been more right. We no longer have to worry about what chemicals we have on hand, scrubbing the pool, vacuuming the pool. We only have to worry about whether or not the rain will hold off a couple more hours so that we can fully enjoy the pool. Earlier this summer our house was struck by lightning, and our pool pump was fried. I reached out to ask who they would recommend to come fix our pool. David came over, helped us troubleshoot the issue, helped us put in a temporary fix (borrowed us a small pump) and then monitored our pool for us while we were on vacation. Hands down hiring Liquid Life Pool Service has been the best decision I have made all year. Thank you Liquid Life!

- Elizabeth & Shane H.
David and Stacey, and Liquid Life Pool have been amazing. They are honest, reliable, and knowledgeable. We had gone through many pool services and never been happy with the lack of attention to detail and sub par work. But Liquid Life couldn’t be more opposite. They always come right away if I call them in between visits needing help or an extra clean. And they leave our pool sparkling and ready for the kids to enjoy! So happy to have found them!

- Elizabeth & George D.
Liquid Life Pool Service has been remarkable. I have a very challenging pool, David and Stacey have gotten it into great shape and they were able to make needed minor repairs. My pool looks fantastic, thank you Liquid Life Pool Service.

- Janie S.

Great pool service

Knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. Always get the same people (the owners). They keep my water nice and balanced and my pool never looked better. This is a pool service to keep.

- Jeff M.

Pool is done!

Great job! Pool is spotless now. Chemicals are back in balance. Calcium and cyanuric acid tests are often unreliable for most home water testing kits. With their water testing equipment LLP service was able to get all pool chemicals back where they should be. Kids are ready to use the pool now. Thanks LLP!

- Dale M.

Great Service & on time.Very Happy 😎

- Grant & Carol W.