Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to get my pool serviced weekly?

Every pool is different-from the size of the pool, to how often it is used, to the surrounding landscape. We will discuss your service needs and look at your pool. From there we can come up with the best maintenance plan to keep your pool clean and ready to enjoy.

Q: Do you service saltwater pools?

Yes, we service fresh water and saltwater pools.

Q: I just need my pool cleaned one time. Can you do that?

Yes, we can service your pool for any occasion.

Q: Isn't it easier to just take care of the pool myself?

Taking care of your pool yourself is always an option. Proper pool maintenance requires not only the physical labor of cleaning the pool, but also chemical levels such as Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, pH, T.D.S, and Cyanuric acid must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment. In addition, we are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool equipment. We can then immediately troubleshoot any problems.

Q: Can poor water chemistry damage my pool?

Yes! Improper water chemistry will damage your pool equipment, plumbing, and pool surface.

Q: How much does Do-It-Yourself pool maintenance cost?

With the recent rise in the cost of chemicals, the monthly expense of chemicals will average $75 or more. In addition, there is the extra cost of putting aside time every week to clean the pool, making trips to your local pool supply store, and storing potentially harmful and corrosive chemicals.

Q: I have dogs, will that be a problem?

We are pet friendly! We realize that pets are family too and are a very big part of our job, so we will do our best to build a good relationship with your pet. We are conscientious about pool safety for children and pets. We will always close the gates to the pool area when we come in and leave!

Q: How and when do I pay my bill?

We invoice out on the 1st of every month by email. You may pay by credit card online or by cash/check in person. You have two weeks to pay your bill. All payments are considered past due 14 days after date of invoice and subject to a $15 late fee. At 14 days late, service will be immediately suspended until invoice is paid in full. 30-day cancellation notice required for all service plans.

Q: How do I know when you are at my residence?

When we are at your pool, we will check in through an app we have on our phone. It will record a few things. It will show you what time we were at your pool. It will also allow you to see the chemical readings for your pool. It will also tell you what chemicals we added to your pools water. When we leave your pool, the app checks us out and sends a report to your email. All info is there for your viewing.

Q: Do you work during holiday weeks?

Our service is based on a 48-week cycle, and we take 4 weeks off every year. This accounts for the months where there are 5 service weeks and we do not charge extra for those months.

No service for:
  1. Thanksgiving week
  2. Christmas week
  3. one week in the spring
  4. one week in the early fall

We will notify our customers at least 2 weeks in advance of these dates.